The end is nigh…

At least I hope that’s the case for MIKP’s grey sheet status.  If so, then we’re well on our way to a new beginning!  Either way, I’m pleased to announce that BMA Securities has responded to the remaining items requested by FINRA per the Form 15c211 they filed on our behalf.   My hopes are that FINRA responds in a timely manner, as historically, they seem to have answered within about 20 days;  If that’s the case, we may very well be actively trading with a market maker by end of next month.  I can’t promise or proclaim anything just yet, but both BMA and the attorney have confidence that this is the final submission and that the verdict will be approval of the Form 211.

From there, I’ll be working with a CPA and/or attorney to ensure filings are uploaded to OTCIQ to get us back to Current Information (Pink Current) status on OTC Markets.   I’m also looking to rename the company to reflect a media holdings company, placing Mike The Pike Productions and Saint James Films underneath it as separate subsidiaries.  I’ve always wanted to better separate these brands, along with other incoming assets or brands.

As well, if another scenario goes our way, we’ll have made some significant headway with both White Space and George R.R. Martin’s The Skin Trade along with new projects we’ll announce for 2014.  White Space is ever-nearing completion and we have confirmed interest from sales agents vying to represent/sell the picture; possibly even put up monies to expedite the finishing process.  As for George R.R. Martin’s The Skin Trade, I am working with investors that are looking to partner with us by putting up monies necessary to buy out the option, giving us further negotiating leverage when it comes to financing the film, and we currently have stated intent from third parties to provide financing for the picture.  So far, they are 1 for 1 as, without question, they provided the monies for us to secure the option for another year, in exchange for the opportunity to raise funding for the picture.   We’ll see what comes of that, but regardless, by the beginning of 2014, I’ll be working to attach talent and director to the picture so that we can be rolling with production next year.

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