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MTP’s Bulderlyn’s inks its way to 50% completion.

MTP's Bulderlyn's inks its way to 50% completion.

Thanks to Spokefish partner and project manager, Ryan Colucci of Spoke Lane Entertainment and wunderkind, Pawel Sambor for an incredible job so far! Looking forward to this one.

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White Space star, Holt McCallany, stars alongside Randy Couture in ‘Hijacked’– score.

Yes, another lead role in another feature film for our ship’s captain, Holt McCallany— Congrats, Holt! Rent Hijacked on Blu-Ray, July 31st.

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Werewolves, Superheros and Reduced Authorized Share count!

Okay so the first two may or may not exist, but it is 100% fact that Mike The Pike Productions has filed to reduce its Authorized share count by nearly 50% as announced on tonight’s exclusive call with LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW RIGHT HERE ON MTP! [youtube] If you are a shareholder of MIKP- you definitely should listen to this interview! Along with the reduced share count in OTC:MIKP, listeners/viewers were granted exclusive access to information on White Space, George R.R. Martin’s The Skin Trade, Captain Battle and everything that is Mike The Pike Productions– from sales and revenues potential, […]

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