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Even $5 goes a very long way.  Please take the time to support our first graphic novel! Amazing!  nearly $3000 in 3 days-  thanks for being a part of our success!

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You’re not dreaming!

I am thrilled to announce that we have completed R.E.M., our first book in a partnership with Spoke Lane Entertainment.  R.E.M. is an edge of your seat, mind-bending thriller with a tragic love story at its core. And now, we’ve launched our Kickstarter campaign ,which includes some amazing rewards, to raise the money necessary to bring this book to print. Nearly 3 years ago, Ryan Colucci came to me with a slate of graphic novels proposing we partner on creating compelling content with solid prospects for film adaptation.  Most of those that follow me know Colucci as my oft-time collaborator (White Space ,George […]

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MTP’s Bulderlyn’s inks its way to 50% completion.

MTP's Bulderlyn's inks its way to 50% completion.

Thanks to Spokefish partner and project manager, Ryan Colucci of Spoke Lane Entertainment and wunderkind, Pawel Sambor for an incredible job so far! Looking forward to this one.

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