Shareholder Update

Just a quick note to shareholders– This is to confirm that the Company is unequivocally moving forward on filing a Form 10 registration.  Current initiatives include 2 years of audited financials and information for the form itself.  Upon effective date (60 days from filing), we will have registered MIKP shares triggering our reporting obligations under the Exchange Act.

As stated by our FINRA examiner to outside counsel on a phone call in January, the Form 211 will be approved once filed.  Though it was not clarified as to whether this could take place at filing per se, or once the filing is effective, my educated guess is the latter; however I’m thrilled to have a light at the end of the tunnel and our sponsoring Market Maker, BMA agrees this is good news.  Once completed, we will be a fully reporting company, most likely on the OTCQB tier.

As well, we have exciting news regarding ServeNation, as we have recently engaged a local attorney to file for a patent on our charitable giving platform, which we are confident can lead to potential licensing deal(s) even prior to a hard card launch.  ServeNation execs, myself included, work diligently with a goal to launch the hard card during the 2014-2015 school year.

Last but certainly not least, we have made an offer on a series of books we believe to have major potential in regards to adaptation to a multi-platform series.  We are currently on standby in response to our offer.

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