MIKP shareholder update

Happy New Year to Shareholders!  This is a brief update to let you know where the company stands in FINRA’s review of BMA Securities’ Form 211 on our behalf, and also some notes on projects and plans for 2014.  I am pleased to state that we are bringing on a new CFO to ensure our financials are filed in a timely manner.  Please welcome Jim DiPrima to the family.  He has over 40 years of experience in accounting for both private and public companies and this week begins our work to ensure financials are up to date and per a discussion with FINRA last week, we are in discussions toward filing a Form 10 for Mike The Pike Productions to become fully reporting.

Though this is something I can only say is at discussions currently, we have already identified an auditor and attorney for the work necessary for the filing.  FINRA made it clear that there was extensive review necessary on each and every press release and there was no estimated date of review finalization but that a Form 10 or S-1 would very likely expedite the review process.  BMA and the attorney working with BMA agree and that it would be done  alongside a Form 211 filing to effect MIKP as a QB.   Once this is completed, if all goes according to expectation, we will then file a name change request to effect the company as a Media Holdings company under which Mike The Pike Productions, Saint James Films, ServeNation, etc. will serve as subsidiaries.   If and when the Form 10 is submitted, Mike The Pike Productions will  announce this formally via press release.

George R.R. Martin’s The Skin Trade is still under exclusive option by Mike The Pike Productions and includes film, television, merchandising and video games.  As well, we are working with financiers to exercise the option this year, buying the rights in perpetuity and throughout the universe as allowed in our Agreement with the author. From there we will work strategically to package the project for various outlets.  If you’d like to check out the book it’s available in many of George’s compilations as well as its own newly released hard copy or on Audible.com for those that don’t like to read.   And of course, the Graphic Novel was recently released as well– I’ve got all copies and it’s a great adaptation!

White Space is still in post-production– yes it’s true!  And I commend FilmworksFX for the hard work they are putting in to finish in a cost efficient manner, all the while maximizing overall production value.  I noticed on their new demo reel there are some nice shots from White Space so, though we will not yet share the trailer publicly, you can probably pick out a few nice shots from the reel.

Spokefish– we finished our first book, R.E.M. this year and thanks to a very successful Kickstarter campaign, we raised the money necessary to bring the book to print, and it is now available on Amazon and iTunes!   If you do in fact have a copy or order one– Please leave reviews –positive reviews can be very successful in boosting the profile and performance of a book.  In the meantime we are finishing up novel #2, Bulderlyns, for which I am very excited because it deals with mythological creatures and themes of loyalty, family, good and evil, and the threat of burning Chicago to the ground.  That last point I’m not so fond of, but I’m guessing our hero may just save the windy city from such an undeserving demise.

Saint James Films has some revenues trickling in and we look to ramp up the model this year with higher quality, micro budget films and discussions with our distributor there, TomCat Films, for additional ways we can synergize toward building shareholder value for MIKP.

ServeNation, our prepaid reloadable debit card/fundraising tool program has been through a lot, but we have identified a program manager with which to partner that has direct alliance with an issuing bank, FIS Global (processing) and Mastercard (network) for our program.  We are currently looking to raise $50,000 through private monies to pay for the software implementation so that we can launch for the 2014-2015 school year with our model starting out grass roots locally and regionally in Fort Wayne/Indianapolis, and expanding from there with independent contractors in different areas working to grow the customer base.

That’s it for now- but I thank those that have been supportive, understanding and encouraging and especially for those that have introduced us to resources we can use to take the company to the next level.  I am very much looking forward to this and all it may have in store for us.  I also look to share news soon about a series of books we are going out with an offer on next week.  As well, Ryan Colucci and I are working on a haunted house script for a film we look to shoot this year.  The story is based on a concept by Colucci that really resonated with me because it takes a familiar genre into less familiar territory for an all out chilling premise with some great opportunities for high production value and fun effects, both practical and CG.

Have a great week!

Mark B. Newbauer

  1. Thanks for the update.Looks to me like you deserve praise and not the bitching on I Hub. Keep on,keeping on. Dean Arganbright

  2. Thanks for the update.Looks to me like you deserve praise and not the bitching on I Hub. Keep on,keeping on. Dean Arganbright

  3. Very nice. I continue to watch and wait. I wish you the best, Mark. I was part of SBRH because I knew you were behind it and I think that’s going to work out very nicely for me in the end. 🙂

    Take care, sir. I look forward to “the resurrection” of MIKP.

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