Kalamazoo Dreams

70’s Collegiate Dramain development

kalamazoo-portraitKalamazoo Dreams is based on a novel by John R. Kouris, whose colorful background includes his work as Executive Director of the Defense Research Institute of America and over 20 years as a Big 10 Football Referee.

‘Kalamazoo Dreams’ is about a college freshman barely holding onto his football scholarship under threats from his verbally abusive father while trying to maintain a long distance relationship with his promiscuous girlfriend, inadvertently falling in love for the first time with another girl who belongs to a frat brother with a mean streak– all the while fear hangs over he and his newfound friends that they may be called to leave their rites of passage early for a baptism by fire on the frontline in the Vietnam War.

It is a powerful, touching and often hilarious look at college life in the Midwest during a tumultuous era with themes of friendship, loyalty, love, hate and freedom.