Children Of The Night

Teen / Supernaturalin development

cruelchildrenpostersmallA teen homage to Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Children of the Night is a wickedly fun thriller. Drake Goodman, a lonely goth, in his attempts to recruit members for his ’sleeper cell’, discovers a secret that will perpetuate his kind forever: Mina Merklovsky, a Born-Again Virgin with the power to turn “spoiled” humans back to their virginal state.

The clock is ticking as he works against a lethal deadline put upon him by Nigel, the unforgiving leader of the Eternal Legacy of Blood; This on top of the fact that Mina is having a hard time falling out of love with her recently ex-ed boyfriend, Jonathan Keller, who Drake decides must be taken out of the equation-permanently.

His devious plot faces resistance from his top (and only) recruit, Ren Fields, star quarterback for the high school football team; not far behind is Sheriff Mitchell Steer, hell-bent on the re-election who will stop at nothing to find the individual(s) responsible for the recent outbreak of vandalism and missing domesticated animals in this small town.